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inspired by a conversation with [ profile] catsgomiaow over the weekend, itself inspired in turn by one of those freaky trigger dudes listening to everything i do sixteen times in a row (it's no thunder road, kids) and because i have some stupid inability to post somewhere new...

who wants some christian slater fan art??

i blimming loved robin hood: prince of thieves. yes, mainly because of mr slater. it was the first video i ever bought for myself, indeed, i think i saved up for it. (mentioned somewhere in those teenage diaries and all...)

i watched it repeatedly. and at one point i paused it, so i could do a water colour portrait of will scarlet. now, i had a little look around the flat for my ancient a3 sketch pad and came away empty handed, so i fear it is Long Gone, alas, but luckily for you i seem to have already scanned it into an ancient photobucket account.

(remember, i was about 13 at the time) eta oooh look it's dated! i was *almost* 13. 9 days away from it. there.
slater 2 - PoT

when he starred in one flew over the cuckoo's nest in the west end i was determined to meet him. (see icon.) i also considered taking this along for him to sign. (you may remember me posting here about it.) with the benefit of hindsight, i'm pretty glad i didn't.

(i did manage to get myself ONE AWAY from him in a kissing way, ask me further in real life.)

bonus fan art:
<a href=" target="_blank">slater 1


you know that beach in the video for everything i do? it's in the uk somewhere. devon or cornwall or similar. my mum and brothers went there, and brought me back a rock / big pebble. i used it as a door stop for YEARS.


dear christian, if you're reading this, will you marry me now?
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